Microplay at work

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We had a great time at the Wellness @ Work Conference & Expo recently. Partnering the stand with Dr Rosina McAlpine, Win Win Parenting. We're taking play into the workforce. It's not about physical structures a...

Come visit Microplay at The Wellness @ Work Conference & Expo

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Dina and I are excited to be participating in The Wellness@Work Conference & Expo at The Wellness Show on 1-3 April. Come visit us at stand 46. It's FREE to register. We'll be joining other great companies suc...

Steve Keil talks about play at TEDx Bulgaria

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http://www.ted.com/talks/steve_keil_a_manifesto_for_play_for_bulgaria_and_beyond?language=en Here's a great TEDx video about how humans and animals are designed to play. Even in Bulgaria! Steve explores the bene...

The 7 types of Microplay

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Microplay teaches people 7 types of play that can be implemented immediately for maximum effect. Learn how to prepare your mind to play alone, with your senses, with peers or within boundaries. Ask about a 6...

Benefits of play for adults

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"...Taking the time to replenish yourself through play is one of the best things you can do for your career. When the project you're working on hits a serious glitch, taking some time out to play and have a few laughs...

Google – a great place to work and play

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Google’s various offices and campuses around the globe reflect the company’s overarching philosophy, which is nothing less than “to create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world,” according to a Google s...

5 Strategies to Build a Fun Work Culture That’s Also Productive

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Here's a great article that we found by Jayson Demers, around managing employees. Discover 5 strategies to keep your productivity high while simultaneously injecting an atmosphere of fun into your office enviro...

Introducing MicroPlay

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Microplay - the secret to high quality, low time investment that is changing the way people work. By creating a culture of profitability through play. Book your 60 minute Microplay session now

September 17: MicroPlay for parents launches at Wannabees

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WEDNESDAY 17th September,  7.30pm – 8.30pm. For parents of children aged 3 - 10 years. Book here now MicroPlay is launching a new group session at Wannabees in Frenchs Forest to show parents how to overcome 'm...

Why use a parent coach?

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Essential Baby interviews Dina, Anton and others to understand why parents need more coaching. As you'll see in this article, Dina says: "Many women have a difficult time navigating what it means to be a mum...